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Flint Hills District

Newsletters 2011

Winter NewsletterWalk Kansas People

This newsletter provides ideas for including daily physical activity and being safe when participating in cold weather activities.  This issue also provides readers with information about the health benefits of cranberries as well as a recipe for Holiday Rice Pilaf.

Newsletter #9

In this newsletter, participants can learn ways to make better beverage choices as well as ideas for introducing vigorous activity into their workout.  Learn about trying locally grown foods and try the recipe for Farmers Market Quesadillas.

Newsletter #8

In this issue, you can learn about a Kansas couple who enjoy exploring the state on bicycle.  You can also learn about the difference between ground beef and ground turkey as well as how to use a meat thermometer.  Participants can also heat up their grill and try the best cherry burger recipe.

Newsletter #7

In this newsletter, participants can read about a personal success story.  They can also learn why half your plate should be covered with fruits and veggies as well as how to add flavor to your food.

Newsletter #6

In this issue, learn about the Instant Recess program that was developed by Toni Yancey.  Also, included is information about utilizing workplace wellness programs, spending within your calorie budget, and including whole grains in your daily diet.  Try the whole grain chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Newsletter #5

In this newsletter you can learn about fitness trends, the importance of oral hygiene, and why to include eggs in your diet.  Also, try a recipe for crustless quiche.

Newsletter #4

This issue provides ideas for incorporating movement into daily routines, especially for those who may spend a majority of their day sitting.  Also included is information on choosing low-fat milk products and a recipe for banana cream smoothies.

Newsletter #3

This newsletter provides information on strength training and the online Small Steps to Health and Wellness challenge that begins April 10th.  Also, try the recipe for creating a casserole.

Newsletter #2

In this issue learn about a challenge from ultramarathon runner, Dean Karnazes, to get  more Americans moving.  Also, try pouch cooking for a quick and healthy meal.

Newsletter #1

In this newsletter, learn about the history of the Walk Kansas program as well as key messages regarding the newly released dietary guidelines.  Also, try a new recipe for spinach and bean dip.