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Flint Hills District

Newsletters 2012

Newsletter #8

This issues contains information on workplace wellness programs and ideas for adding more physical activity to a normal day.  Also included are tips for turning leftovers into planned-over meals.  Don't forget to try the recipe for Healthy Beef Fajitas.

Newsletter #7

This newsletter contains information about the benefits of interval training, which is alternating between intense activity and lighter activity.  You can also learn ways to include potatoes in your healthy eating plan.  Don't forget to try the recipe for Roasted Potato Wedges.

Newsletter #6

Learn about the importance of drinking water and what to consider when choosing your favorite pasta options.  You can also try the recipe for Spring Pasta e Fagioli.

Newsletter #5

This issue includes warm up tips to consider when engaging in physical activity as well as tips for spring cleaning your refrigerator.  Also, try the recipe for Very Berry Spinach Salad.

Newsletter #4

Learn tips for exercising with a stability ball and ways to limit sodium intake in the diet.  You can also try the recipe for Black Beans and Rice.

Newsletter #3

Get the answers to the "Know the Numbers that Count" quiz from last week.  Also, learn tips for eating more whole grains and try the recipe for Maui Muffins.

Newsletter #2

This issue provides information on the basics of walking and tips for including more fish in the diet.  The newsletter also encourages readers to "know their numbers" and to try a recipe for salmon burgers.

Newsletter #1

In this newsletter, learn about the new MyPlate icon that was recently released by the USDA as well as tips for measuring your physical activity progress.  You can also try the recipe for Mediterranean Inspired Vegetables.