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Flint Hills District

Newsletters 2015

Newsletter #8

This week's newsletter includes information about maintaining your strength following the conclusion of the Walk Kansas program.  Additional newsletter topics include the importance of sleep and the health benefits of avocados.  Also, don't forget to try the recipe for Bruschetta with Avocado Spread.

Newsletter #7

This week's issue discusses interval-style exercise.  It also puts a spotlight on Italian cuisine, so don't forget to try the recipe for Italian Wonderpot.

Newsletter #6

This week's newsletter brings awareness to the issue of food waste and provides a list of ways to use leftovers.  Also, included is information about Yoga as an exercise.  Don't forget to try the recipe for Thursday Night Soup.

Newsletter #5

This week's issue focuses on reasons why it is important to strengthen your body's core. Additional information is also provided about the nutritional powerhouses of legumes (beans, peas, and lentils). Don't forget to try this week's recipe for Ultimate Greek Chopped Salad.

Newsletter #4

This week's newsletter describes the impact of prolonged sitting and provides strategies for adding regular movement throughout the day.  Also, included in this week's issue is information about creating a standing workstation and choosing whole grains.  Don't forget to try the recipe for Signature Scones.

Newsletter #3

This week's newsletter provides information about functional fitness and the importance of teaching your muscles to work together.  Additional information is also provided about the importance of drinking water.  Also, learn more about seafood and try the recipe for Easy Baked Fish Fillets.

Newsletter #2

This week's issue contains information on finding a health or fitness buddy.  It also describes the importance of including strength training in your exercise routine as well as tips for making your own gear.  Don't forget to try the recipe for blueberry oatmeal smoothies.

Newsletter #1

This week's newsletter contains information about this year's Walk Kansas theme-Walk Tall, Walk Strong, Walk Kansas.  It also provides information about how to "flip your fridge" to help you make healthier choices.  Don't forget to try the recipe for Chicken Pineapple Black Bean Enchiladas