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Flint Hills District

Financial Management

No one is born with natural money management skills. You may have learned some money management skills from your family but you may want to manage your finances differently than your parents did. You also may have learned some money management skills at school or through life experiences. Developing good money mangement skills takes time, practice, and patience. Check out the following resources and links for tips on how to manage debt and get started building financial security.



Supermarket Savings Tips

Know Your Credit

Organizing Household Records

Our Valuable Records

Taking Inventory-Protecting Your Household Possessions

Get Financially Prepared-Take Steps Ahead of Disaster

Individual Retirement Accounts

Health Insurance Smarts-Health Insurance 101

Health Insurance Smarts-Understanding Enrollment Periods



K-State Research and Extension - Financial Management

America Saves

Kansas Saves

Shandi D. Andres

District Extension Agent
Family and Consumer Sciences