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Flint Hills District

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4-H is a practical, informal, learning-by-doing educational program for youth.  It helps them establish real-life goals and become competent, productive citizens.  And they have fun in the process.  In 4-H, young people learn about and solve problems facing them and their communities.  The knowledge and skill they acquire in 4-H can open the door to a lifetime of personal growth. 




Flint Hills District

Council Grove Office
Courthouse, 501 W Main
Council Grove, KS

Cottonwood Falls Office
205 Broadway
PO Box 100
Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845

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8 am - 5 pm 
Monday - Friday

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Morris County 4-H Foundation

The Morris County 4-H Foundation is a legal, non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization to receive memberships and contributions, and disburse funds to sponsor 4-H members, 4-H clubs and all 4-H activities in Morris County. 

Membership roll and donors include all people interested in the continuing advancement of Morris County 4-H youth through the Morris County 4-H Foundation.  100% of donations received are used for the benefit of Morris County 4-H members. 

Programs funded by the Morris County 4-H Foundation to date include: 

  • 4-H Achievement Banquet,
  • 4-H Scholarships,
  • 4-H members attending camp at Rock Springs 4-H Center,
  • 4-H participants to Washington Focus in Washington, D.C.,
  • 4-H members and leaders attending 4-H Ambassador program, 
  • 4-H older youth to Discovery Days at KSU,
  • 4-H members to National Judging Contests,
  • 4-H delegates on International Foreign Youth Exchange,
  • 4-H members to American Royal Conference,
  • 4-H members to LABO Exchange,
  • 4-H delegates to K.C. 4-H Global Conference,
  • 4-H members attending Aerospace, Photography, Outback, Geology, and Livestock Judging camps.
  • 4-H members attending the Kansas Youth Leadership Forum.

A board of Trustees is elected at an annual membership meeting.  The meetings of this board are open to the public.  Activities supported by the foundation are determined at that time. 

Gifts of land, buildings, property, trusts, insurance, livestock, securities, cash, and life estates are accepted by the Morris county 4-H Foundation.  Land or other assets could be deeded to the Foundation and still receive income from it as long as they live.  At the same time, they would have an immediate, large tax deduction and clear their estate of later taxation.  Also, they would have the satisfaction of knowing they were helping the youth in their community now. 

With a gift, you will save money on taxes.  Since the Foundation is a charitable organization, it qualifies to receive tax deductible contribution.  Depending on your IRS Tax bracket, a very significant part of a gift can be a direct tax deduction. 

A bequest to the foundation through your will is an excellent way to serve the 4-H youth in the community and reduce your tax burden.  

Trustees of the Foundation can advise you on the most advantageous type of gift which can be made.  Lawyers, accountants, bankers or other financial advisors can also provide counseling. 

We all benefit because 4-H members, tomorrow's leaders, will learn how to solve problems facing them and our communities.  The knowledge and skills they acquire in 4-H can open the door to a lifetime of personal growth. 

A running account is maintained for each individual who has ever contributed to the Foundation.  Recognition of donors who reached one of the six different Recognition Levels is done in the spring at the annual banquet.   When $100 is accumulated in an account, the donor becomes a "Patron" and the cumulative $100.00 is then endowed.  This endowed money will never be used and will earn interest for the lifetime of the Foundation.  Contributions to memorials are credited to the memorial account, not your individual account.

Bronze Award donors are recognized when they give or accumulate $500.  They will then have their name inscribed on a permanent plaque displayed at the Extension Office and also receive a plaque.

The silver distinction and inscription go to those obtaining the level of $1000 in gifts.  Name recognition accompanies a Gold Key plaque for donations reaching $2000 or more. 

Contributions can be made in memory of loved ones, making wonderful living memorials for years to come.  Whether your gift is large or small, it will certainly be appreciated and remembered.  Your contribution will touch the lives of young people in Morris county and help shape their future. 

Foundation Original Logo


Adults Helping Youth
To Make The Best Better!


2018-2019 Trustees

Board of Directors
Back row from left: 
Mason Lee, Trustee; Larry Landgren, Treasurer; Frank Buchman, Secretary; Larry Johnson, President 
Front row from left: 
Carolyn Andres, Scholarship Chair; Cynthia Schrader, Vice President 
Not Pictured: Valerie Woodall, Trustee.


More information is available 
by contacting: 

Morris County 4-H Foundation
President, Larry Johnson
by e-mail: lljohnson@tctelco.net


Morris County Extension Office
501 W Main
Council Grove, KS 66846