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Flint Hills District

We are Searching for Volunteers

 Volunteer Information Process (VIP) - Name for process as a whole.

Ooooo Pick Me  Simple Steps for completing VSP (PDF) 


(VSR) Volunteer Service Renewal  - Completed Annually - only until time to complete VSP

Renewal Form (PDF)

 Note: You can also complete via 4-H Online when you enroll as a volunteer.  Please let our office know once you've completed it.  We can retrieve your renewal from online.

  • A hard copy needs to be completed and returned to our office if not done online or e-mailed to us.

(VSP) Volunteer Screening Process - Completed every 3 years

Enrollment Application  (PDF)   

Note: You can also complete via 4-H Online when you enroll as a volunteer.  Please let our office know once you've completed.  We can retrieve your application from online. 

  • A hard copy needs to be completed and returned to our office if not done online or e-mailed to us. 

ONLINE:                                                                                                                                                              Ooooo Pick Me

Orientation Instructions (PDF)

  • Enroll in the 4-H Online enrollment System.  This can be found at: https://ks.4honline.com There is a possibility your enrollment may have to be approved by the Extension Office before your can continue.  You can proceed to the next step as if you were already approved and see if the system will allow you to complete the process.  If not, you will have to wait until it is approved first. 
  • Once your enrollment is approved, you log back in just like before and click on the 'Training' tab toward the top of the page.  You will be in the 'Enrollment' tab when you log in. Once you've completed a video, you have to close the page and go back to the 'Training' tab to select the quiz.  Continue the same way at the end of each module.  

National Criminal Background Check (CBC) or what we refer to as the 'Validity' check - Completed Online.  Note: You DO NOT have to re-do this again once you've completed one time. 

  • Go to this link: http://tinyurl.com/cbc-Kansas4H
  • The online form will start with selecting your local county or district, which is Flint Hills Extension District
  • You will be asked to create a profile.  
  • You should immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your temporary password. If you did not receive this confirmation e-mail, please check your Spam/Junk folder.
  • Once you receive the temporary password and login, the next page will be an “application” asking for contact information.  
  • There will then be several pages of statements and disclosures, some of which will require you to check a box at the end of the page.  
  • At the end you will be asked for your Birthdate and Social Security Number and to grant permission for the background check by electronically signing the form.  The check cannot be run without this information and signature.  
  • Upon completion of the application, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided, confirming creation of your profile.

For troubleshooting questions, you can call Validity Client Relations at 913-322-5999.   They are very nice and very helpful!


  • Call or e-mail our office to schedule a 10 minute interview with the agent(s). 





Completed by Office Personnel:

Step #1: Committee Review - 3 people have to sign off

Step #2: Extension Board Appointed - goes before Extension Board for approval

Step #3: Letter of Appointment - mailed out