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Flint Hills District


 VIP - Volunteer Information Process - Name for process as a whole.


4-H Enrollment and/or Volunteer Screening Process (VSP) Steps:

Due to the State 4-H Youth Development recently making changes to the policies and procedures for the VIP (Volunteer Information Process), the volunteer information is all incorporated in the enrollment process.   So, you can complete both processes in one simple task.  These steps are primarily for the Volunteer Information Process (VIP). 

Enroll or Re-enroll in the 4-H Online Enrollment System (won’t be available until October 1st each year).  This can be found at: https://v2.4honline.com/#/user/sign-in.  Please note that you must enroll in 4-H Online and setup your profile if you are a volunteer regardless if you are associated with a Club or not.  Once your profile is setup, you just need to update it, in October, each year going forward.

The State 4-H Youth Development office has also incorporated continuing education opportunities via Volunteer Trainings.  A person can completed a training any time throughout the year:  https://www.kansas4-h.org/volunteers/volunteer-continuing-education/index.html.   The trainings can be done in lieu of Orientation Training for re-screenings only.  First-time volunteers must complete the Orientation Training the first time.  But can choose to complete as many Volunteer Trainings as they’d like going forward. 


Each time you update your profile, you will automatically be renewed.  This happens for three years in between re-screenings.


For re-screenings, you will update your profile like usual, but you will also have to complete the Orientation segment.  The Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation Training is handled the same way as it has in the past.  Once you’re logged in to your profile, click on the 'Training' tab toward the top of the page.  Go through the videos and quizzes in order.  You will have 9 modules to complete.  (Hint: Once you've completed a video, you have to close the page and go back to the 'Training' tab to select the quiz.  Continue the same way at the end of each module.)

We will submit the National Criminal Background Check (CBC) for you, as long as you have completed it in the past and already have an account setup.  Your information is all kept confidential.  We submit your name to the State office and they will have it run through Validity again.  When they receive the results, they will post them in your 4-H Online account. 

You will not be asked to have another agent interview. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ooooo Pick Me

First-Time Volunteers

1. For first-time volunteers, you will need to setup your profile through 4-H Online
    (https://v2.4honline.com) as if you are enrolling in 4-H. If you are already a parent
    of a  4-H member or a 4-H member, please use the same login information you have
    been using for your family profile when enrolling in 4-H.

2. Next, you will complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation Training as mentioned above. When you
    created your profile, you were in the 'Enrollment’ tab. Click on the 'Training' tab toward the top of the
    page. Go through the videos and quizzes in order. You will have 9 components to complete.
    (Hint: Once you've completed a video, you have to close the page and go back to the 'Training' tab to select
    the quiz. Continue the same way at the end of each module.)

3. Next, you will need to complete the National Criminal Background Check (CBC) –
    Link is http://tinyurl.com/cbc-Kansas4H.  Below are a few tips on the procedure.

    a. The online form will start with selecting your local county which is Flint Hills Extension District.
    b. You will be asked to create a profile.
    c. You should immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your temporary password. If you did
        not receive this confirmation e-mail, please check your Spam/Junk folder.
    d. Once you receive the temporary password and login, the next page will be an “application” asking
        for contact information.
    e. There will then be several pages of statements and disclosures, some of which will require you to
        check a box at the end of the page.
    f.  At the end you will be asked for your Birthdate and Social Security Number and to grant permission
        for the background check by electronically signing the form. The check cannot be run without this
        information and signature.
    g. Upon completion of the application, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided, confirming
        creation of your profile.
    h. Troubleshooting questions can be directed to Validity Client Relations at 913-322-5999.

4. Last, call the office to schedule your agent interview. Once you’ve completed the 10-15 minute interview
    in-person (preferably) or by phone call, you are finished with the process. The rest is handled by Extension
    Office staff.

                             We ask that you update your profiles and complete what needs to be
                                         completed by November 1st of the current year.




Steps Completed by Office Personnel:

Step #1: Committee Review - 3 people have to sign off

Step #2: Extension Board Appointed - goes before Extension Board for approval

Step #3: Letter of Appointment - mailed out 

                           Thank you for your interest in helping 4-H develop the leaders of tomorrow!

                              Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions at 620-767-5136.