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Flint Hills District

Family Life

Family is the basic building block of society.  The term family looks different for each person.  Resources are essential to understanding human development.  The resources below are divided by age across the lifespan.  

Building Baby's Brain

What to Eat When You Are Expecting

Is Breast Milk Best?

The Basics

Buffering the Brain from Toxic Stress

The Role of Music

Prime Times for Learning

Learning Language

Nurturing Positive Relationships

Creating Consistency

The Importance of Play

What Parents Can Do

What Child Care Can Do

Developmental Milestones

The First Year

The Second Year

The Third Year

The Fourth Year

The Fifth Year


Living With Your Teenager: Understanding Emotional Changes

Shandi Andres-FCS Agent

Shandi Andres
Council Grove Office

Family and Consumer Sciences Agent for the District