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Flint Hills District

4-H Foundation Picture Library

2019 Annual Recognition Banquet


The Patron Award winners received certificates for reaching the level of $100 or more in monetary contributions.  Pictured from left to right is Dennis and Ellen DeLay, Mason and Lisa Lee, Deborah and Dale Heideman, Gayla Morgan for the Albert Morgan Memorial, and Mindy Andres. 

Patron Award winners 3-2019                                                 


 Valerie and Jeff Woodall received the Bronze Award for reaching the level of $500 or more in monetary contributions. 

Woodall's 3-2019 


 Silver Award plaque winners were left to right: Suzanne Hokett accepting the award for Donna Muller Memorial, Tom and Diane Jernigan, and Merry and Charles Rayl.  These recipients reached the level of $1000 or more in monetary contributions over the years. 

Silver Awards 3-2019   




Don Peterson, right, was an
original incorporator of the 
Morris County 4-H Foundation.
He is the last of five incorporators.  
Don Peterson and Larry Johnson 3-2019

 Mr. Peterson was a special guest
at the recent annual 
recognition banquet.  
Larry Johnson, the 
Foundation President, 
is on the left.