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Flint Hills District

Morris County 4-H Fair - July 19-27, 2020

2020 Theme:  Cowboy Boots & Country Roots                                             

2020 Fair Book (PDF)

2020 Updated Fair Schedule (PDF)

'Thank You Note' Etiquette (Word) (PDF)   

Exhibitor Numbers (PDF)

Tag Numbers (PDF)




Dining with Your Project  flyer (PDF)

Dining with Your Project Guidelines (PDF)



Fashion Revue

2019 Talent Showcase Pre-Entry Form (PDF)

Buymanship/Fashion Revue Pre-Entry Form  (PDF)

Clothing Construction Judging Pre-Entry Form  (PDF)

Clothing Construction/Fashion Revue Pre-Entry Form (PDF)

Cost Per Wear Form (Ages 14 and Older)

Modeling Tips

Fashion Revue Evaluation Scorecard (PDF)


Horse Forms

4-H Horse Show Rule Book 

Horse ID Certificate (PDF)
(Due by May 1st annually)

2018 Horse Show Bill, Updated as of 7/13/18 (PDF)


Livestock Forms

Morris County Born Market Class Form (PDF)

Morris County Born Breeding Heifer Class Form (PDF)


Miscellaneous Forms

Cat Immunization Record (PDF)

Dog Show Immunization Record (PDF)


 Officer Notebook Score Sheets

 Guidelines for Club officer Books Exhibited at the Fair (PDF)

 Historian Judge Comments  (PDF)

 Reporter Judge Comments  (PDF)

 Secretary Judge Comments  (PDF)

 Treasurer Judge Comments  (PDF)


Space Technology

Display, Notebook and Poster Score Sheets for All Divisions

Astronomy Exhibit & Telescope Exhibit Form and Score Sheet

Robotics Exhibit Score Sheet

Robotics Exhibit Information Form

Rocket Judging Score Sheet

Rocket Exhibit Form & Information

High Powered Rocket Form & Information

Rocket Fin Guide - Up to 8 Fins

Rocket Fin Guide - 3 Wings

Computer Systems Score Sheet

Computer Systems Info - Revised

Computer - 4-H Engineers Journal Sample