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Flint Hills District

Morris County Fair Photos 2023

 Davis chester Cassidy Dalquest gc lamb Hensley Lamb Bailey EhrlichCassidy pigAndrew Schrader

Morris County Fair Photos 2022

Sheep winner 1Dog winners 1Dog winners 2dog project membersFCS Judging Pig winner 1Beef winner 1

Morris County Fair 2021

Morris County Fair Photos - 2020

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  Morris County Fair Photos - 2019

Dog Show Winners 2019      Cat Show Winners    Talent Showcase Winner - Macey Hensley      Cookie Jar Contest Winner 2019


 Fashion Revue 2019     Clothing Construction Winners


 Boys Buymanship Winners          Formal and Dress Winners    Ella Kirk Modeling


 Dining with Your Project Champion-Carissa Dalquest    Dining with Your Project Champion-Carissa Dalquest     Dining With Your Project Res Champion - Samuel Barr     Dining With Your Project Res Champion - Samuel Barr                                                              

Left to Right: Horse Showmanship Winners in their perspective classes: Taylor Tiffany, Ainsley Tiffany, Ransom Tiffany, Gavin Carson, Michelle Patry, Delayna King a      Hi-Point Performance Winners: Jayden Patry, Michelle Patry, Taylor Tiffany      Hi-Point Ranch Winners: Heather Patry, Ainsley Tiffany, Ransom Tiffany

Sr Horse Showmanship Winners 2019: Michelle Patry, Champion, Delayna King, Res Champion     Michelle & Delayna relaxing in their embroidered Chair prizes and enjoying their time at the fair!     Goat Costume Contest


 Goat Show Winners 2019     Champion Meat Goat - Wyatt Buchman   Reserve Champion Meat Goat - Ian Effland    Champion Rate of Gain Meat Goat - Ian Effland   

    Champion Breeding Doe - Lakoddah Downes     Champion Market Lamb - Colton Bacon    Reserve Champion Market Lamb - Carissa Dalquest    Sheep Showmanship Winners - Colton Bacon, Carrisa Dalquest, Cassidy Dalquest   Beef Showmanship Winners 2019     Overall Grand Champion Market Steer - Michelle Patry     Reserve Champion Market Steer - Heather Patry    

    Grand Champion Breeding Heifer - Cassidy Dalquest    Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer - Carissa Dalquest    MR County Born Champion Breeding Heifer - Castyn Andres 

  MR County Born Champion Market Steer - Chancy Johnson    Samuel Barr and Avery Lee chatting in the barn.     Trying to Keep Cool!

      Swine Show Winners 2019     Champion Market Hog - Carissa Dalquest     Reserve Champion Market Hog - Isaiah Thibodeaux

      Grand Champion Breeding Gilt - Isaiah Thibodeaux    Photography Winners: Grand Champion Junior - Brayden Jarvis and Reserve Grand Champion - Brittley King     Hand Pet Campion - Rachel Small    Photo Exhibits

     Junior Visual Arts Winners: Brayden Jarvis, Champion, Eli Day, Reserve Champion    Visual Arts Intermediate Winners - Lexi Todd, Champion, Brittley King, Reserve Champion       Bucket Calf Costume Contest

 Hanging Out in the Barn1    Floriculture Exhibits

Horticulture Exhibits     Hanging out in the Barn3

Snack Shack     Thank You Note Booth   Leo White - Overall Grand Champion Cat 2019Animals in the Barn     Sheep pens     Dairy Goat Participants     Dairy Goat - Gavin Carson   

Rabbit Showmanship Winners     Rabbit Show Winners - Laramie Mayer, Reserve Champion, Riley Powell, Champion